“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” Friedrich Nietzsche

With the arrival of fall we start to spend more time indoors with our family and friends. Leaves change, colours change and so should change your table setting.

Better than creating a table setting aligned with the season’s trends, is creating a table decoration aligned with ourselves. A table that brings us a feeling of comfort  and warmth, that transforms a simple meal into a special moment.

In order to help you we selected a few tips to inspire you this fall.

1. Warm and dark colours

Autumn colours

Autumn colours are usually warm, cozy colours, ranging between yellow, orange, red, earthy and green tones. (Check here Pantone’s colour trends for this season). However, when in doubt just look through the window and see which colours stand out. From the green, yellow-brown tones in the falling leaves, to the Orange-reddish afternoon sky, the famous “autumn sky”.

2. Seasonal flowers and fruits

autumn flowers

Take advantage of the seasonal flowers (orchids, tulips, lilies, gerberas, marigolds, pansy and viola) and fruits (fig, grapes, apple, pear, kiwi, tangerine, banana, dried fruits) to decorate your table. Not only are they easy to find, but they also make a beautiful and cosy table setting.

3. Dried leaves and flowers

Dry flowers
Dry leaves

During autumn there is no simpler or easiest decoration than dried flowers and leaves. From your home garden to your city’s sidewalk, in autumn there is no shortage of leaves. Despite being the simplest decoration, it is the best portrayal of the season.

4. Wood elements

Wood elements

The use of wooden elements, such as wood boards, are the face of the season and help create that rustic and cozy environment. Invest in this trend and opt for wood embellishments, for they will give a more natural look to your table.

5. Candles

Autumn candles

Complete your decoration with candles. They, not only, bring more light to the table, but also create a more welcoming look.

6. Tableware decorated with autumn patterns

Autumn tableware

The tableware is the most important feature of the table. Choose simple colours with autumn themed patterns in order to match the rest of the decoration. Invest in different plate sizes to create an interesting table dynamic, filled with textures and details.

7. Textile napkins

Autumn napkins

At last, go for plain textile napkins with seasonal colours. These will complement the decoration and bond all the elements together. In order to be even more pleasing, fold the napkins into different shapes and add them a simple flower.

Our main tip is to use the elements you find in each season. Use different colours, textures and materials because it helps create an interesting dynamic and gives more life to your table.

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