colour of the year 2022

Colour of the year 2022

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

A brand-new Pantone colour that inspires innovation and creativity

To this day, colour continues to be recognized as a way of communication and expression, as something that effects our ideas and emotions. More and more, people feel influenced by colour and, as such, it is vital to choose the colour that better represents our present time.

With the new year, a new Pantone colour as arrived and, for the first time, they have created a totally new and exclusive colour in order to reflect the innovation and the global transformations that have been happening.

We live in times of change, and, as such, the new colour PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri is a symbol of a global “zeitgeist”, (the general beliefs, ideas, and spirit of a time and place), and of the transitional moment we are all experiencing. After an intense period of pandemic life and isolation, all our ideas and notions of the world are going through a transformative process.

With a warm presence and a carefree attitude, this colour inspires our creative spirit and help us embrace the new possibilities and to re-write our lives. With a mix between the loyalty and stability of blues, with the energy and enthusiasm of the reds, Pantone Very Peri has a new and electrifying energy that encourages self-expression and empowerment.

“The Pantone colour of the year reflects what is happening in our global culture, by expressing what people are searching for through that colour and what they can expect as an answer to their expectations. This new shade of blue with violet-red hues highlights the expansive possibilities that are before us”, inserted Laurie Pressman, vice-president of Pantone Color Institute.

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