Working hands- ermelinda rocha

Commercial Director – Ermelinda Rocha

Every single company is made up of people, and each person has a unique story and perspective. In CMG CERÂMICAS we value our team and so, in this new year, we intend to keep telling you about the stories that form our company and mould our ceramics. The stories behind our working hands.

For our first interview of 2022 we choose one of the fundamental pillars of our company – our commercial director, Ermelinda Rocha. By being with us since the beginning, Ermelinda knows CMG CERÂMICAS like the palm of her hand.

As the commercial director of CMG CERÂMICAS, Ermelinda is the face of our company. She is the one who communicates with the clients and creates a relationship of trust with them. Within her functions, she is responsible for the search of new clients and for the monitoring of the buying process, from the beginning of the development of a new collection, to the negotiation of contracts and possibly receive changes or complaints from the client.  

“My day-to-day is pretty busy. Every day is different and depends if I have visitors or meetings, however typically I start the day by checking my e-mail and to follow up on some standing emails. From there I need to monitor the product development, answer clients, negotiate contracts and so on.”

“I really like this job, maybe because I’m a workaholic, but I genuinely like what I do. I find the area of ceramics exhilarating and inspiring, and as a social person I really enjoy the contact with the clients. For me this job represents more than just a means of subsistence because, like I said, I have a passion for my job. I feel accomplished here.”

Outside of her office, Ermelinda like to… work some more (according to her colleagues), to go to the gym, travelling, going to the beach, and to eat, “I really like to eat, that is why I spend so much time at the gym, so I can eat with less guilty” (laughs).

And just like that you got to know another member of our team.

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