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Bring your Easter table to life

Easter is a time of reflection, renewal and to search for positive feelings such as hope and solidarity. Although Easter goes unnoticed for some, many still celebrate it and take advantage of this season to reunite with their families and friends, and as such deserves a special decoration.

Today we share some tips to take your Easter table to another level.

Spring tones

If you are a fan of bright colors then we advise you to use vibrant colors that allude to spring, such as shades of pink, lilac, yellow and green. Or if you prefer a slightly softer pallet, “candy colours” will be a better option. If you prefer simpler and timeless colors, use light tones like white, representing the light and joy of this season.

If possible, enjoy the daylight: The freshness and colors of nature outdoors perfectly match the celebration of Easter, as it symbolizes life.

spring tones
candy colours
white tones

Flower arrangement

Enjoy what nature gives you and make beautiful arrangements with spring flowers. Give preference to flowers with colors of the same tone as the tablecloth and napkin prints.

spring flowers

Wooden elements

Nothing better to combine with flowers than rustic woody tones. Rustic elements can be in small details such as baskets or place markers, or you can even use a wooden table without a tablecloth, creating a rustic atmosphere in harmony with nature.

Traditional elements

Take advantage of the traditional elements of this time to bring your table to life. Bunnies and eggs represent life and are the most traditional Easter decorations. A floral tablecloth will perfectly match the spring season and bring life and lightness to your table. The colors can be varied, the most important thing is to enjoy the different colors that the tablecloth provides you.

traditional Easter
bunnies and eggs
floral tablecloth


Beautiful tableware is an important element of a table setting, especially on special occasions. In order to have a harmonious table we must work with the inverse of the tablecloth. That is, if the tablecloth used has excess patterns and color, it will be better to opt for a more neutral tableware. However, if on the other hand the decoration used is simpler, a colorful tableware with Easter patterns will give your table the joy it needs. In this way, all the elements of the table will be highlighted and will create a contrast and a harmonious balance.

Easter tableware
Easter time

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