Even though we produce industrial ceramic pieces, hand painting remains a central part of our work. However, this type of painting has to be adapted to our abilities and needs. As an industrial company, we have to prioritize techniques that are faster and more effective in order to produce high numbers of quality ceramic pieces in a short time.

Techniques we use:


  • Rolls
  • Sponges

The stamping technique is currently one of the most used techniques by the ceramic industry as it allows us to make the innumerous patterns in a short amount of time. Inside the stamps we can use the sponge or the roller technique, the roller being a faster variation of the sponge.

We can say that when it comes to stamps, CMG played an essential role as it was one of the first companies to introduce the roll method to its production.

carimbos em rolos


The most traditional technique is the use of brushes, used when you want a more natural and manual look. Depending on the paint used, we have to adjust the brush, as there are brushes that can hold less or more paint.

brushes painting


This is a technique used when you want a specific effect – like sprinkles. It allows us to quickly produce this effect.

Depending on the desired effect, we choose one of the techniques described above, and for larger and more detailed illustrations we use digital printing or decals.

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