For this Christmas collection, our designers, with the desire to get out of what is considered “common” and expected, set aside the Christmas colours and draw inspiration from the Nordic landscapes.

From Norway to Iceland, the Nordic countries have a unique natural beauty, having inspired thousands of artists and been the set for many works of fiction. These countries are known for their raw natural beauty and for the surprising natural phenomena that happen in each season. Even though there are only a few days when you see a ray of sunlight, in these countries there are other lights that light up the sky – the green rays of the northern lights.

Snow-covered mountain tops, autumn-coloured woods, leaves frozen on the ice, birch branches, lonely fishing houses, frigid air, northern lights. There are just some of the details of the surreal and inhospitable landscapes of these countries. Winters practically emerged from a fantasy book, making us believe in the fantastic mythology that surrounds these countries – trolls that live in forests and mountains, seas with seahorses and skies where gods and spirits live.

It was with this scenario in mind that the “Natural Christmas” collection was designed. Pure nature with sober colours, with snow-covered trees and lost birch branches. A simple, Nordic-styled Christmas.

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