Pop Art Collection inspiration

Pop Art Collection

Like the name suggests, this Pop art collection drew inspiration from the pop art movement. Pop art was an avant-garde modern art movement that emerge in the 1950’s in Britain and gained major momentum throughout the sixties in the USA. Pop art emerged in reaction to consumerism, mass media, and popular culture. It drew inspiration upon everyday objects and media like newspapers, comic books, magazines, and other mundane objects to produce vibrant compositions, establishing the movement as a cornerstone of contemporary art. Pop Art was ‘art for the people’.

Today, Pop art is one of the most instantly recognizable forms of art.

Some of the defining characteristics of Pop art are:

  • Recognizable imagery: Pop art utilized images and icons from popular media and products, like logos, commercial items, photos of celebrities, newspapers, and others.
  • Bright colours: Pop art is characterized by vibrant, bright colours. Primary colours red, yellow, and blue were prominent pigments.
  • Irony and satire: Humour was one of the main components of Pop art. Artists use the subject matter to make a statement about current events, poke fun at fads, and challenge the status quo.
  • Innovative techniques: Many Pop artists engaged in printmaking processes, which enabled them to quickly reproduce images in large quantities.
  • Mixed media and collage: Pop artists often blended materials and utilized a variety of different types of media.

With this collection we intended to bring some of these distinctive traits to your table. Through the use of primary, bright colours, symmetrical patterns of stripes and dots, and geometrical shapes we want to give homage to this movement. A movement that changed the way we see art.

Pop art collection

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