Another month, another working hands interview, another powerful woman. Rosário Alípio has been in CMG for 29 years, since the beginning, and, hopefully, will remain with us for many years.

Currently, Rosário is the head of the decals section, and it is her responsibility to guide the workers and the service of that section. Every day, she arrives earlier than the rest of the workers in this section so that she can orient the workspace, wet the decals, heat the ceramic pieces and distribute the various services to the respective stations. This way, as soon as the bell rings, production can start in full swing.

The application of decals is a technique highly requested by customers who have a specific design in mind, usually, this design is even sent by the customer so that it is exactly as he envisioned it. “This drawing is on an adhesive paper, and when we wet this paper, the drawing separates from it and we place it on the piece with the help of a spatula and pass it with a cloth to remove the water and, finally, it goes in the oven and it’s ready.”

“I really like what I do, I can even say that if I’m here right now, it’s because I really like my job. It’s exciting to create something, it’s an unusual job. Knowing that we are creating something that goes to someone else’s house and table is always something that makes us happy and proud.”

Rosário loves making cakes, going for walks, and above all, dealing with children and the elderly. “My dream has always been to be a social educator; however, life didn’t guide me in that direction, and I am very happy where I am.”

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