Inspiração coleção sky dye

Sky Dye Collection: Sneak Peek

The new year is synonymous of a new CMG CERAMICS collection. After an intense period of research and experimentation, the new collection it’s starting to come to life, and today we are going to reveal to you some of the inspirations and trends behind this new collection.

Are you ready for the sneak peek?

3, 2, 1, …

Return to the past

In these times of change and introspection, there was a return to the past with the introduction of embroidery, pieces and fabrics inspired by the most diverse crafts in the world into many collections. Thus, elements that are part of the secular history of European costume emerged in many proposals. English and Swiss embroidery, crochet in all kinds of stitches creating extraordinary pieces, or Mediterranean embroidery with its characteristic flowers.

After two years of restricted behaviors, it can be said that the confinement has led us to re-signify many things, even clothes, giving rise to an interest in personalized and nostalgic products. Just as we saw the return of embroidery, tie dye also returned with full force.

With this collection we adopted some vintage and retro elements that promise a nostalgic throwback. 

Mix & Match of shapes and textures

The concept of Mix & Match has been present in the fashion world for some time, and is increasingly gaining ground in design and decoration projects. As we spend a lot more time in our homes, we develop a greater emotional attachment to mundane objects, and this trend is the best way to combine different products and create authentic environments, which, although imperfect, are in perfect harmony.

With this collection we mix pieces with different shapes and textures, but which are connected by a common thread – the decoration.

Fifty shades of blue

We plan to connect the Sky Dye collection with a palette of blue shades that promise serenity, stability and comfort.

Can you imagine the collection that could be born of this inspiration?

We cannot wait to show this collection. Keep an eye on our website and social media to discover this and other collections.

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