This month we introduce you to one of the youngest members of the CMG family. Sofia Bernardo was born in Switzerland, daughter of emigrant parents, and came to Portugal with 8 years old. Now, with 28 years of age, Sofia is our graphic designer.

Having always liked to draw, Sofia studied visual arts and took a subsequent degree in graphic design. After an intense job search, she was selected by CMG to undertake a professional internship. CMG likes to bet on young talent and to give opportunities to those who have recently graduated, and as such has a habit of always staying with its interns, as was the case of Sofia. Once the internship ended she signed a contract to remain at CMG as a graphic designer technician, where she has been for more than one year.

Within her duties, Sofia performs image processing with the help of Photoshop and illustrator, digital print samples and catalog presentation. “The clients or the designers give me the files with the patterns and colours hey want and I treat the image and separate the colours for posterior digital printing. Afterwards, I carry out the colour tests, since the printer has colour limitations. This is an extremely important process because it allow us to adjust the colours and shapes and thus make the decoration as close to what the customer wants as possible.”

“I really enjoy working at CMG, not only because I like the type of work, but especially the people are super friendly and welcoming. It’s a calm environment, it’s not rigid. Obviously there’s a time and a place for everything and when it’s time to work it’s time to work, but there’s also time to unwind.”

For Sofia, this work is synonymous of opportunity. “I´m lucky to be working in an area related to my field of study, in a peaceful environment, and on top of everything else, is close to home. What more could a person want?!”

When she’s not working, Sofia likes to read, “during the confinement I read 4 to 5 books a month”, to travel and discover new places, take photographs, “My perfect scenario is to be in front of the fireplace, in winter, in my pajamas, no TV, and a book in my hands,

Working hands Sofia

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