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Start 2022 in style with our 8 tablescapes ideas

“The magic in new beginnings is truly the most powerful of them all.” ―Josiyah Martin

Each new year represents the start of something new, the chance for new beginnings, a clean page. We plan our goals and our new year’s resolutions with the hope of starting a new and better phase in our lives. When the clock strikes 00.00, we want to leave the past behind (pandemic life) and start a new and, hopefully, better year.

Whether you plan on having a big party or a small gathering at home, you need to say hello to 2022 in style.

Tick Tock on the clock

Tick tock on the clock
Clock collection

Paraphrasing Kesha “Tick tock on the clock and the party won’t stop”. One theme that will always make sense on New Year’s Eve is time, and when done right it could be quite elegant. You can use simple analogic or paper clocks as decoration or incorporate clocks illustrated tableware in your table setting.

Disco ball

Decoração bola de disco

Bring the disco ball Times Square drop onto your table with this tablescape idea. Use simple disco ball ornaments as your centerpiece or incorporate disco balls inspired tableware and bring the party to your table.

Minimal tablescape

Decoração minimalista

Embrace the less is more look with this minimal table setting idea. New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be an over-the-top event, use simple colours and minimal decorations for a clean and elegant tablescape.

Black and white

Preto e branco
black and white collection

You can never go wrong with black and white. Invest in black and white tablecloth or paper ornaments to decorate your table or use black and white plates with different prints to create an interesting dynamic.

Classic white and silver

Branco & Prateado
White and silver collection

Create an elegant tablescape with the classic combination of winter white and silver. A winter wonderland affair with festive silver touches.

Classic Gold

Dourado clássico
classic gold

Opt for a classic look with this gold detailed tablescape.

Pop of colour

Pop of colour
pop of colour

Give your New Year’s Eve a pop of colour with some colourful details. Pink flowers, for example, will look great with both black, white and gold and will bring life to your table. However, if you aren’t in the mood for flowers, opt for some colourful tableware and your table will be ready.

20s inspired look

The Great Gatsby
20's inspired look

If you like art deco or are a fan of The Great Gatsby than this tablespace is ideal for you. Combine a sleek gold and a black colour palette with geometrical patterns tableware for an elegant, 20’s inspired look. Add a pop of colour to create a more interesting dynamic.

Free your imagination and create a tablespace ideal to you!

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