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Working Hands – Alice Rodrigues

With just 18 years old, Alice Rodrigues comes to cmg ceramics and finds what would become her life’s work. Alice is the head of the glazing section, being in charge of guiding and organizing the work of this section. Alice has to organize the samples and orders requests and distribute them among the various glazing teams, and plan the work.

“Do I like what I do? I have no other option! (laughs). I’m kidding, of course I like it! It’s a challenging job, I came here because it seemed like an interesting area, a job that wasn’t boring or repetitive and that’s exactly what I found. A work full of dimensions, where every day there is a new challenge. There are no dull moments, I assure you!”

“Working with ceramics is very interesting and challenging. We are constantly learning new working techniques, techniques that make our work more efficient. And also, I really like the contact between people, in this work we have to deal with different people and personalities on a daily basis, which in itself is a challenge.”

“For me, there is no better word to summarize this work than challenge. It’s a challenge on every levels. And for me, the biggest challenge is trying to be organized. I am a person who likes organization and order, but with this job it becomes very difficult because there are constantly new requests for samples and new orders coming in.”

When not working, Alice likes to travel, to get to know other cultures and other ways of living. “I like adventures, maybe that’s why I’m in this job!”.

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