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Working Hands, Music Hands

On this month’s Working Hands, we introduce you Fátima Correia, the musician of CMG, with us for over 26 years.

Fátima works as a glazing worker. She came to CMG with only 24 years and here she remained. She started at the decal section, where she stayed for 5 years, and evolved for the glazing station – “I always made a bit of everything, I went where I was needed”.

Currently Fátima develops all the glazing samples, in order to see which glazes works better. “Glazing i sone of the most importante processes of ceramic production because it’s what gives life to the piece, whether i tis just a simple glow or a colouful glaze”.

“I really enjoy working at CMG, and working with ceramic, specially now working with glazes, because every day I learn something new, whether it’s a new technique or a simple curiosity about the ceramic world. It is a very fulfilling area of work”.

For Fátima, this works means, above all, livelihood and subsistence. Despite enjoying what she does, Fátima doesn´t live to work, but rather she works to live, so that she can do what she loves outsider the company. “I love music and singing. I even used to have a band with my father, but I’m currently apart of a marching band where I play the tenor saxophone.”

Fátima has working hands, and musician hands.

Mãos trabalhadoras da Fátima
Mãos de música

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