2022 decoration trends

2022 Decoration Trends

After the troubled period we all passed, life is finally going back to normality. We are finally ready to project our lives and make future plans, such us redecorate your home spaces, and thus, new decoration trends start to emerge.

If you are interested to know the decoration trends for 2022 than this post is for you!

Colour, brightness and dynamics

The new year comes with some different styles ideas than the ones we are used to.

The uncertainty, desire for changes and need for joyful moments inspired a more expressive colour palette, with bright elements that bring a good energy to the various environments. Dynamic and multifaceted elements will add movement and dynamism to the decorations.

Rustic and natural elements

One style that will be, without a doubt, tendency in 2022 is modern rustic. In 2022 we will see several environments composed with pieces made from natural materials, unpainted and with imperfect finishing, conveying a rough and raw look. Once again natural wood will have major momentum this year.  

Retro inspiration

The uncertainty for the future and nostalgia for past moments makes 2022’s fashion bring back the style of the 60s.

In this sense, we will see colorful decorations – elements with primary colors, use of stripes & dots, use of gold and dynamic shapes.

Minimalism and oriental inspiration

If there is something that this difficult time as taught us is that we don’t need a lot to live comfortably. Thus, the minimalist concept of decoration repeats, once again, in 2022. However, this year the Scandinavian style of minimalist decoration is replaced by a decoration inspired by the oriental life style, the japandi style. This style is characterized by neutral colours, straight lines, natural elements, use of plants and natural lights.

Boho moviment

The boho style proposes a combination of all the styles described above. A return to the past, with a concern for wellbeing, inspired by different cultures. The boho style will be another style of decoration in vogue this year. This trend brings artisanal pieces, colourful patterns and colours such us green, Brown, yellow and orange.

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