Have you ever thought about how early in advance our collections have to be made in order to arrive at the respective stores in time?

On this blog post we will talk a little about the production times of our factory so that they can be available in the wanted period.

Even though some CMG’s collections are produced all year around, certain collections, connected to specific times, seasons or special days, in theory, are only produced during particular periods of time. However, due to traffic times between countries, sometimes, they need to be produced all year around.

Depending on the market with whom we are working and the respective traffic times, CMG CERÂMICAS, has to adjust its production so that they arrive in the client’s wanted time. Thus, in CMG ceramics we are always in and out of season. How can that be possible you ask?

Let us give you an example. While working for the US market, the traffic times are considerably longer. So, between designing a collection, negotiating a contract, making samples, producing the pieces and deliver them, we need to work with, at least, one year of advance. In other words, in December of 2020 we are wrapping up 2021’s Christmas collection, and in December of 2021 we are wrapping up 2022’s Christmas collection. We can even say that in 2021 we already know how 2022’s Christmas is going to be.

For the European market the traffic times are, usually, smaller, so it is, usually, enough to work with 6 months of advance. However, these 6 months mean that we are always out of season, since in July we are already working on the Christmas collections, which is still 6 months away. And do you know what we produce at Christmas time? The Easter Collection! This means that when it’s time to celebrate Christmas, or Easter, we are no longer in the spirit.

However, the confusion does not end there. We still have to take into account markets whose seasons are opposite to ours, such as Brazil. Summer in Brazil corresponds to winter in Portugal, which means that this “out of season feeling” isn’t as felt while working for this market.

It’s hard to keep up, isn’t it? Don’t worry, sometimes it’s hard for us too!

We might be always in and out of season, but this life of ceramic production is one we wouldn’t trade!

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