Working Hands: Carlos Serra

The next victim of our working hands series has been with us for 40 years! Carlos Serra or Serra for friends is our ceramic modeler and chief of section. At 55 years old, Serra dedicated 40 years (11 in Faianças Ideal and 29 in CMG) to this company and continues to dedicate.

At 15 years of age, Carlos goes to work at Faianças Ideal, and without any degree or knowledge of the ceramic industry, he starts working in the cast section. He went through several mentors, learning as much as he could from each of them. Gradually, he increased his position in the factory until he reached his current job.  

Currently, Carlos Serra is our ceramic modeler, which means he creates all the models of our ceramic pieces. “From a design, made by the designers or by the clients, I create the models and samples of a particular piece for later approval.” Once the model is approved the rest of the team can start creating the moulds and madres of the model, starting the production process.

“I really enjoy working here, for some reason I have been here for 40 years now. Here, I met my wife and developed my whole life. This job is now a part of me, it’s my reality”.

For Carlos this job is synonymous of creation. “Modelling is the beginning of the physical creation of the pieces, it’s the beginning of creation. I am the one who gives life to the ceramic pieces, so to speak. I make the first of all pieces, the original piece. Being a part of this creation process fills me with pride and joy.”

When he is not working, Carlos likes to be outdoors, playing sports, going to the beach and to be around his children”.

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