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Jungle Blue Collection

Every month we plan to give you a sneak pick behind the world of our designers, so you can understand a bit better the creative process that each collection entails.

Each collection is singular and inspired by a certain trend or by a detail of our everyday life.

Jungle blue colletion was inspired by a set of architectural pieces, such as the Majorelle Gardens and Casa Horta de Guillermo Santomá, for it’s combination of colours, living coral + Klein blue, by yves Saint Laurent fashion, and by Picasso’s paintings.

Jungle blue collection

Living Coral + Klein Blue

Living coral was regarded 2019 colour of the year by Pantone. This colour represents the fusion of the modern life, since it appears naturally in the world around us, but also has a very active presence on social media. It is a vibrant colour that  conveys confort and a sense of familiar feeling, fascinating both the eye and mind.

Klein Blue is a colour created by Yves Klein by combining certain colour pigments. According to the artist, this blue is “Essential, potential, spatial, immeasurable, vital, static, dynamic, absolute, pneumatic, pure, prestigious, wonderful, maddening, unstable, exact, sensitive, immaterial”.

Both colours have been quite used around the world, whether in fashion, arquitecture, decoration or ceramics.

Living Coral
Living Coral
Klein Blue
Klein Blue

Majorelle Gardens & Yves Saint Laurent fashion

Majorelle Gardens, in Marrakech, are one of those exemples, and, ever since its creation they have been a source of inspiration for a lot of artists, being that they were actually created with that sole propose by the french artist Jacques Majorelle, in 1924. Majorelle ordered a Art Déco styled house, with moorish and bérber influences, and brought plants from all around the world, covering the entire property with various plants.  It was only in 1947 that the gardens were open to the general public and, in 1980, after Majorelle death, Yves Saint Laurent bought the property and transformed it in the oasis we can visit today.

With a Bright blue house with a plant jungle all around it, this property inspired a lot of artist, even Yves Saint Laurent himself, as you can see in some of his collections.

The Mondrian dress, by Saint Laurent, was also a source of inspiration for its geometric composition and use of strong colours. For this collection Yves Saint Laurent was inspired by Piet Mondrian cubism paintings and broke the fashion standards of that time. He created a collection of straight dresses, without a waistline, with strong defining colours and with a colour block effect.

Majorelle Gardens
Majorelle Gardens
Mondrian Dress, Yves Saint Laurent
Mondrian Dress, Yves Saint Laurent

Casa Horta, by Guillermo Santomá

From a three-storeys abandoned house in Barcelona, Santomá created a work of art, reminiscent of “La Muralla Roja”, de Ricardo Bofill, redoing it by taking it apart. He completly ignored  spatial logic in favour of colour, light and cultivated caos. As the artist considers colour and light as a material object, as something that is added to a space.

The kitchen and dining room are painted with a pepto bismol pink and have a Klein blue sky painted ceiling.

Casa Horta
Casa Horta Santomá

Picasso’s Paintings

Picasso’s paintings inspiration gave our Jungle Blue Collection the final touch it was missing.

From 1906 to 1909, considered Picasso’s African period, Picasso combined his particular style with an African influence. During this period, also regarded as proto-cubism, Picasso developed paintings such as Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and Head of a Sleeping Woman.

The artist took special inspiration from African masks, portraying the simplicity of the human face, in other words, portraying solely  the necessary face features.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Máscara africana e Picasso

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