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Working Hands – Márcia

Working Hands is a subject from our blog that aims to tell the stories of the working hands that produce our ceramic pieces. We intend to voice our specialized and hardworking crew, that gives it’s best in order to produce the best possible product.

For our first interview we decided to tell you the story of Márcia. A woman full of strength, determination and passion for life. With over 25 years of work, Márcia grew, improved and became the woman she is today in front of our eyes. She has been a tremendous asset to CMG ceramics.

With only 18 years of age, Márcia came to work with us, and without any experience as a ceramic painter, she tries her best to learn and becomes one of the most experienced and trustworthy painters of CMG. Currently, Márcia develops all paint related jobs, for example, she produces all the paintwork samples, in order to see which of the samples works best. The chosen set of samples with then be produced industrially by our efficient team with the help of advanced technology.

Márcia has been a tremendous asset to our company, bringing a set of innovative techniques, such as the sponge imprints, patterns illustrated on sponges, that allow a more effective work without losing the artisanal character. Not only did Márcia grew up with us, as the company grew with her.

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CMG ceramics has been the only constant on Márcia life. During these 25 years, Márcia matured, got married, had two children and never lost her motivation to work – “ I come to work willingly, if I didn´t need money to live I wouldn’t mind doing this job for free”.

“I love my job, not only because I have the chance to do something I’m really passionate about, but also because the workplace allows it. It is a very relaxed atmosphere, which is something that I really cherish because I have creative freedom to create, allowing me to put a piece of myself into everything I do”.

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